Swim Lessons at the Y

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at the Y provide a safe learning environment for children who want to learn how to swim. Your child will thrive in one of our swim lesson programs taught by certified swim lesson instructors. 

Parent/Child Programs - Ages 6 months to 3 years

Kids have fun while becoming more comfortable in and around the water, while parents learn how to teach their child aquatic skills and how to be safe. Songs and developmentally appropriate games that use basic movementsin the water such as kicking, arm strokes and blowing bubbles, encourage socialization with other families with children of the same age. Parents do get in the water with their children. Swim diapers are required for children not yet toilet trained. 30-minute classes. 

Preschool Swim Lessons - Ages 3 to 6 years

Your child learns water safety and builds a foundation of skills that lead to stroke development during these 30-minute lessons.

Youth Lessons - Ages 6 to 13 years

This progressive program, of 45-minute classes, comprises five main components: personal growth; personal safety; stroke development; watersports and games; and rescue. Each level builds upon the previous level, with seven levels covering all the strokes, diving fundamentals, and safety skills. 

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