The YMCA of Greater Brandywine offers youth and adults the opportunity to explore the arts, express their creativity and take risks in a safe, encouraging environment.


Y dance and movement classes are a great introduction to getting active and the joy of movement. Children strengthen key skills, such as coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and discipline in an encouraging environment designed to boost self-esteem and feel good about their abilities. A wide range of classes are offered at our branches, starting with introduction to dance for children as young as three years, to ballet, tap, contemporary, musical theatre dance, jazz and hip-hop for teens. Adult dance programs are also offered throughout the Association.

Programs vary by branch and are currently offered at all branches. Progressive programs offered at the Upper Main Line YMCA, Lionville Community YMCA and Oscar Lasko YMCA and Childcare Center.

Y School of Dance

The Y School of Dance is a progressive program for kids and teens who want to improve their skills in dance forms including ballet, modern, hip hop, contemporary and tap. Dance curriculms will include practices leading up to an annual recital. Y School of Dance is offered at the Jennersville YMCA, Upper Main Line YMCA and Oscar Lasko YMCA and Childcare Center.


Y Art offers various programs and introductory through advanced classes for kids and teens of all ages to express their creativity through various art forms

  • Introductory courses include finger painting, water color, drawing, cartooning and beginner pottery (for some locations).
  • Intermediate to advanced classes include acrylic, water color, oil painting, drawing, cartooning, pottery, sewing and fashion design for kids and teens to review and expand basic skill sets. Kids and teens learn foundational techniques to create various art projects throughout the year. 

All art classes are taught by teachers and professional artists.

Programs vary by branch, please see your branch's program guide for more information. 

Culinary Arts

Kids and teens familiarize themselves with diverse foods, tastes and textures in the School of Culinary Arts at the Upper Main Line YMCA. Young chefs learn kitchen safety, food prep, cooking, baking techniques and more. Culinary art programs are currently offered at the Upper Main Line YMCA. 


It’s time to play with clay! Participants will learn pottery techniques for hand-building and glazing while also learning to throw on the pottery wheel. For kids and teens. 

Ceramic programs are offered at the Lionville Community YMCA, Kennett Area YMCA and Upper Main Line YMCA and vary by branch.


Y Music provides kids and teens with programs geared to help children learn about rhythm and movement through interactive activities including making and playing their own instruments.

Instructional music lessons are available for guitar, piano, drums and keyboard at the Brandywine YMCA, Jennersville YMCA and Upper Mainline YMCA. 

Programs vary by branch and are offered at branches throughtout the the YMCA of Greater Brandywine.


Y theatre gives your kids and teens a chance to shine and build confidence! Performers will learn all aspects of theatre including acting, stage presence, vocals, script reading, voice projection, body expression, costuming and set design. Rehearsals and performances will be held throughout the year. 

Introductory theatre program is currently offered at the Brandywine YMCA. 

Theatre programs are currently offered at the Jennersville YMCA, Kennett Area YMCA and Upper Main Line YMCA.