Donate & Support the Y's Mission

Leave A Legacy For Future Generations by Joining the YMCA of GREATER BRANDYWINE'S Legacy Circle

In a world where so much comes and goes so quickly, our Y has existed for more than 118 years. By making a legacy gift to the YMCA, you can ensure that the Y can achieve its mission of a healthy spirit, mind and body for all for generations to come.

"It takes a noble person to plant a tree that will one day provide shade for those whom he may never meet.

- Author Unknown

Make A Lasting Difference!  JOIN THE Legacy Circle

You know first-hand what a difference the Y has made in your life and for children, adults and families in our community. Joining the Legacy Circle through a gift to the Y's Endowment Fund ensures your personal legacy to support the Y's mission. A gift to the Y's Endowment Fund is the greatest confirmation of the YMCA mission that a friend of the Y can show and makes you a member of the Legacy Circle.

Why does the Y need a strong endowment?

  • To guarantee continuation of mission-based programs
  • To ensure a rainy-day fund to respond to challenges
  • To fund important new initiatives

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Ways to Give:

An Outright Gift Right Now

You can make a gift of cash or securities to the Y Endowment Fund at any time

Simple Will

The most popular form of planned giving is to simply include in your will that the YMCA of Greater Brandywine, or branch of your choice, will receive a percentage or dollar amount of your estate. This enables you to reduce estate taxes while supporting the community. Click here for sample language you can use to include in a will or a codicil to a will.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable gift annuity A donor transfers cash or securities to the Y Endowment and obtains a tax deduction. The donor is paid a specified amount during his/her lifetime. The remaining principal goes to the Y


A donor names the Y as a beneficiary of an existing policy or donates a fully paid policy.

Beneficiary Designations

A donor adds the Y as a beneficiary of an IRA, pension, or other account.

Charitable Remainder, Lead Trust or Gift of Real Estate

There are other options you can discuss with us, or your own advisors.



One story, many lives changed...

Priscilla Shaw Smithson and her husband, Bob, were long-time supporters of the Jennersville YMCA. In 1999, they established an endowment so underprivileged children could attend Y summer camp. Later, the Y established a camp in Oxford and named it Camp Smithson in honor of the family. We will always be grateful for the Smithson's generosity and commitment to the mission of the Y in our community. We would be pleased to help you explore ways you can leave your personal legacy to the Y.

Which will be the best giving plan for you?

To ensure that your gift is in keeping with your estate and financial needs, the YMCA of Greater Brandywine encourages you to discuss your contribution with your legal and/or financial advisor.


YMCA of Greater Brandywine branches run thousands of programs throughout the year - everything from childcare and summer camp, to group exercise for adults, and swim lessons for kids in our Association’s 16 pools. The YMCA’s whole reason for being is to offer opportunities that improve the quality of life for people of all incomes, faiths, races, ages and abilities.

For more information about planned giving, please contact Mary Burns at 610-643-9622, ext. 2153 or